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I hate school!!!!!  I wish I didnt have to be in school!!!!!


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love guitars

Hip-Hop music

any hip-hop song

I am in love

I am in love with a kid named braedon bott. He love me too. I cant wait til  I graduate so I can move to california to see him.


I hate today and tomorrow. The reason why is because i have MCAS and have two detentions with a teacher.



 I FUCKING HATE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!  I WANT TO DIE!!!!!!  The first reason is that we had to do a skit in history and the person who kept the script lost it and we had to redo it right before we performed the skit and it sucked because we had no clue what we were doing.  The second reason is that i got my progress report yesterday and I got a 'D' in history because of missing two assignments.  The final reason is that i dont want to watch the Crucible in english because it has to do with deaths of people accused of doing witchcraft and the main way of killing them is by hanging them.  I dont like to watch that happen.  I just wish that i didnt have to watch this movie nymore.  it is just a horrible thing to watch and i dont want to see it.  The only reason why i dont want to watch the crucible is because i dont like see anything that has to deal with hanging people.  The reason why i dont like to watch anything that has to deal with hanging people is because my dad hung himself.  Watching something that has to deal with hanging someone freaks me out because it brings up the picture of my dad just hanging there . 
This movie will be very difficult to watch because of the hanging situation.

I wish that i could get out of watching that part of the movie due to the history of my life.

post something later!!!

Writer's Block: Reacting to my bad mood

When you're having a bad day, how do you react?

It would depend on the day. If it is a really bad day, I start to scream at someone to take my anger out.
School days are a terrible thing to have in your life.

Have you ever wanted to not go to school for once in your life?  

I have. There are days that I dont want to go to school so I give teachers attitude and get them pissed at me.  For once in my life, I want to drop out of school and not to worry about anything that happens at school.  Last week was one of those weeks when you dont want to be at school.  I hated school last week.  To top that I got my period and that 3 times worse than any of my attitudes,  I started to yell at one of my teachers and I got her so pissed because I yelled at her.  

If any one else has these feelings, email me at fpacclassof2010@aol.com  and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


I FUCKING HATE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could just not have my life. I want to die right now but that wont happen. It has been a horrible day so far. I have just found out that I have a D (68) in history because I am missing two major assignments. It just sucks about getting that low of a grade in history. 

Progress reports are going to get sent out either tomorrow or Monday.  I have to tell my mom about my grade in history soon before I get my progress report in the mail.  I got to make sure my grade will be brought up before the school tear ends.  

I cant stand this month because I have MCAS in two weeks and after that I have a week off of taking tests and then the week after, I have final.  It just sucks having to take so many tests within 3 weeks.  

I cant wait for May 28.  This is because I am going for my license again and hopefully get it that day.  I have an extra lesson with my driving instructure the day before at 12:30 so i get to leave school early that day.  I cant wait because I only have a half day of school because I get to leave school early. This means that I can less stress about school going on because I would be studying for finals that week and that is the week my sister has her class night, graduation, and other important suff that I have to go to for her because when I graduate she will come to my class night, graduation, and the other important stuff for the seniors.

May 28th is my dad's b-day, which is a bad day.  I am really hoping that it would be a good day because I will be going to get my license again.  I have been practicing my parallel parking with my grandpa three times a week.  I am getting better at my parallel parking since form my last time I went for my license.

post something later

I hate the time of the month!!!!!

I got my period last night!!!!!  I could tell that I was going to get it because i was in a pissed off mood.   

When I was in the pissed of mood yesterday, I started to yell at one of my teachers.  I didnt want to do anything, and she made me do it anyway.  I gave her a really bad attitude because I didnt want to do something for biology. I hate having my period.  It fuckig sucks because I get in a really bad mood to other people and I know it is wrong, but I do it any way.